YOW! 2023: event wrap

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Brain: Don’t say it

Brain: Don’t say it
Brain: Don’t say it
Us: YOW! brought the wow! 🎉

Dorky enthusiasm aside, YOW! was a well-oiled machine with a roaring turnout. With so many stand-out speakers, it’s hard to pick faves, but here are a few. 💬

Felienee Hermans has us buzzing about “Hedy.” She’s low-key ushering in a new era of coding education with this programming language aimed at teaching children Python. 🐍👩‍💻

Erik Meijer got us wondering, “Are we the software engineering’s last gen?” 🤔 He spotlighted brain-bending advancements like CoPilotX and tools with “hallucinogenic” capabilities and advanced reasoning. 🚀💭

And here’s something we never thought we’d say: SecOps was transformed into pure stand-up comedy gold. Hats off to you, Laura Bell Main. 🎩😂

Farewell for now, YOW! 👋