The DesignOps meet-up is back

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This time, it’s personal — for anyone stuck in a soul-sucking loop.

Sick of pushing killer ideas into oblivion? ⏳ Tick. Tock.

Tired of playing the corporate script, with safety and Salesforce as the protagonists? ⏳ Tick. Tock.

Your life’s ticking away – one dull minute at a time. 🥱

Enough vanilla! Next week’s electrifying DesignOps meetup has the double scoop of disruption you need. 😈

Sam Bowring (not single, but always ready to mingle) is bringing the refreshments, Propel Ventures is setting the scene, and the speakers have been announced:

🎙️ David Williames, is taking the stage with “Figma Frontiers: Sharpening your axe before cutting down a tree. An overview of how I made Flappy Bird in Figma, and practical ways to embrace new features to level-up your design superpowers.”

🎙️ Adam Brock, founder of Hypermatic is diving into “best practices” of responsive web design and spilling the tea on handling 9 breakpoints; Take the Pink Pill (why Best Practices™ are dead ends).

Snag your spot so you don’t miss out. The countdown is on, you little rebel.

🗓 Thu Aug 24 from 6-8pm
📍Propel Ventures: 7 Hill St · Cremorne

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