Tech Leading Ladies sponsorship

Diversity breeds innovation.

Except – huh? There’s still a female drought at the top of tech. We need more women at the table, leading, innovating, and driving progress.

For many years Tech Leading Ladies have worked tirelessly to chip away at this underrepresentation—and we’re thrilled to throw our support behind them.

Less talk and more women in action we say.

Here’s what Tech Leading Ladies had to say in the sponsorship announcement:

Tech Leading Ladies would like to give a big thank you to iterate for sponsoring our community this year. Big shout out to Ryan Lynch for being our champion!

We love their passion for supporting and growing women in tech!

iterate believes tech’s gender gap is not only unfair, it also holds the industry back as a whole. Leadership is key in overcoming the imbalance. More women leaders means more role models for women, and more viable paths for them to succeed in tech.

Well, iterate, we couldn’t agree more!

It’s because of our sponsors that Tech Leading Ladies can work to bridge the gender gap in tech, by running monthly Meetups and our programs like
🌱 Career Growth,
👩‍🎓 Tech Leadership Training,
🤲 Mentoring and
👩🏻‍💻 Next Gig programs!

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