Ryan Lynch in AFR Weekend

Ryan Lynch in AFR Weekend

Eat or be eaten – that’s a regular day in the world of many tech start-ups. And it’s immensely exciting for some.

However, the swift collapse of start-up-focused Silicon Valley Bank, combined with industry layoffs, has Aussie tech workers more likely to favour safer job options.

As our very own Ryan Lynch told AFR Weekend,

“There seems to be a bit more of a shift towards working for larger corporates, big banks and utility [companies] – larger organisations that are perceived to be a bit more stable in challenging times.”

Ryan also speaks to the salary downswing we’re seeing this year, and how candidates are responding.

Ok, no more spoilers from us – read the article for yourself. Hit a paywall? Here’s a pro-tip: Google ‘tech workers think twice about start-ups after wave of redundancies.’

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