We’re only as good as our values.


Michael Boyd·Director & Principal 1 min read·November 20, 2022

No bullshit.

Let’s face it, some Recruiters will give you their dog’s favourite bed to get a deal across the line. They’ll promise you an A5 Wagyu burger with white truffle shavings, dusted in 24ct gold and a glass of Dom to wash it down, then hand you a Macca’s cheeseburger with no pickles and a flat coke their kid didn’t finish. And all you wanted was a Betty’s Deluxe and a beer. 🥸

Meanwhile, back at iterate, we always swipe left on the low road and that’s why we made NO BULLSHIT a company value. We lead with authenticity because we value the talent, time and intentions of everyone we work with. This means really listening to what people want, welcoming hard conversations and doing what we say we’re going to do. 🤝

Now, who’s hungry? 🍔🤤