Meet-up: Tech Leading Ladies

Going all-in on our Tech Leading Ladies sponsorship to bring you the May meet-up? Bucket-list moment. 🎉

We know you’re out there, scoffing at gender norms and breaking barriers like it’s nobody’s business. But even the most determined women and non-binary folks need a little inspiration from time to time.

Enter: Olga Golyk and Charlie Krowitz. 🙌✨

Prepare to have your minds blown and your hearts ignited, because these two are the real deal when it comes to authentic leadership. They’ve been through the trenches and emerged as total powerhouses, ready to drop some serious wisdom on how to own your strengths, embrace vulnerability, and lead with oh-so unapologetic confidence. 😎💖

A seared-onto-your-soul type of meet-up? You bet. Whether you’re a total boss or just starting to make your mark, this event is about creating a space for you to connect with other amazing individuals, swap stories, and share those ups and downs.

Our digs are cosy, and seats are limited. Don’t miss out—put your name on one today (🔗 link in bio).

📆 Wed 15 May | 5-7pm
📍 iterate | 335 Lennox St, Richmond (or via Zoom)