Meet-up: Stellar Engineering – Double Your Productivity with AI

Engineering Managers, Software Devs, and any other AI-curious cats: do we have a treat for you.

On May 9th, we’re blasting off into the future of software engineering with our friends at Propel Ventures. Get ready for “Stellar Engineering: Double Your Productivity with AI.” 🧑‍🚀🚀

Juggling efficiency and quality can be a real challenge, but what if we told you there’s a way to unlock new levels of both? Paul Greenwell will give you peek under Propel’s hood to see how they’ve used AI to revolutionise every stage of the software development lifecycle.👀

From streamlining user story creation to implementing intelligent AI testing, their coding arsenal packs enough punch to pulverise any dev challenge standing in its way. They’ve even leveraged AI to radically improve those productivity-draining meetings we all dread. Goodbye mental fog 😵‍💫, hello high-speed efficiency. 🏎️💨

Don’t be a straggler, the launch window is limited! RSVP for this unmissable meet-up via the link in our bio. See you among the stars. ✨

🗓 Thu 9 May from 4.30-7pm
📍Propel Ventures: 7 Hill St · Cremorne