iterate turns 4

Pwoar, we’re 4!

Honestly, it explains a lot. Energetic, cheeky, with big opinions, and easily distracted by snacks – that’s how we roll. 👧

And fam, we couldn’t have made it here without you. You keep trusting us to lend a hand as you blaze those trails and build your dream teams. For that, THANK YOU. Everyone thinks their community is the best community, but ours actually is. 🤷

Now, maybe you’re wondering, “Who’s the mystery person in amongst all those iterate legends?” Unlike your average 4-year-old chatterbox, we can keep a secret. But it’s hard. We’re excited. We can’t spill the beans just yet. 🤐

In fact, we better stop talking in case we let something sli—

Did someone say snack?