Happy work anniversary, Sam

Streets blanketed in hues of gold and amber 🍂 Footy fever 🏟️ Possibly maybe cooling temps 🌡️

Hooray for all of that, but for us, nothing really says “Autumn has arrived!” like Sam Bowring’s work anniversary post. So, today we’re feeling all the autumnal feels because he’s parked himself smack dab amongst our crew for 3 years now.

We’ve talked a lot about Sam’s man-bun; perhaps a little too much. Rude really, considering he has so many other wonderful qualities. We’re certainly not talking about his vocal rendition of Rocket Man (IYKYK 🫣), we’re talking about how he’s out here quietly badassing toward his goals.

A half marathon in May🏃 A Euro trip in June 🧳 Not to mention he’s all over the Design & Mobile scene like glitter on glue 🤜🤛 You see, this guy’s been kicking his expert talent partner game into overdrive, and sponsoring DesignOps LOL meet-ups so people across the industry can grow. Because, if you know Sam, you know he’s about stacking real relationships—not numbers.

You might also know him as the confetti to our company bashes. For team iterate? He’s a key player in keeping our spirits high and our culture crack-a-lackin’. 🕺💘

Sammy, here’s to welcoming many more autumns with you. 🍁🌏