Happy birthday Tats & Tom!

🎉 Today, we’re doubling down on the celebration

🎉 Today, we’re doubling down on the celebration with not one, but TWO birthdays on the docket this week. 🎂

Since Thomas Clark’s is today, let’s kick things off with our King of Consistency. This guy is as reliable as they come, and the value he brings to everyone around him? 💼 24 carat gold, friends. It’s gearing up to be a huge year for Tom, as he divides his focus between upcoming nuptials while growing those roots within the tech community. He even snuck in an Observability Panel and Programmable Conference double last week. Whew, this busy bee is going places—and we’re not just talking about his destination wedding. 🏝️

But don’t think the fun stops there. Come [Very] Good Friday, we’ll be raising a birthday beverage to Tatiana Ashby 🥂. Making headline office goss last week, this one swiped Stephanie Futerman’s lunch from the fridge. Tats is a known prankster, so which was it—accident 😅 or audacity 😏? This time, it was clearly a case of matching Tupperware containers gone wrong.

Breaking away from lunch heists 🥷, we’ve been thrilled to watch Tats shine even brighter in her new candidate and delivery-focused role. Her ability to connect with people is a true asset, no doubt about it. Today, though, Tats is jetting off to New Zealand with her fiancé for some birthday and Easter camping adventures—no doubt with some top-tier reccos from Kiwi Hannah Campbell in her back pocket. Sure to be missed is new pupper Axl 🐶🐾 (named after the one and only Axl Rose, of course).

So… will the Lunch Wars of 2024 rage on? 🤔 Time will tell. What we do know is Tats and Tom will continue to do big, beautiful things both in their roles, and life itself. 💯

Truckloads and bucketloads of birthday love from all of us at iterate! 🚛🎁🪣💝