Happy Birthday, Sam

It’s been another glorious lap around our fiery star.

This year, you’ve flexed hard with those Bodyfit gains. That waning golf game, though… 🫣 Maybe Mercury is retrograding. But honestly, who cares? Not your man-bun. Oh no, it’s giving style. It’s screaming stature. It’s oozing elegance. 💁‍♂️

Growing even faster than those locks is your Wodonga talent community — shoutout to the Wo-Tang Clan. Everyone else is going national, even global, yet here you are, bringing the hometown heat and carving a new niche at iterate. (You heard it here first, folks. 🚨🗞️)

Fresh from Tassie escapades with your main squeeze, and plans for a 2024 Euro tour, it’s clear your romantic itinerary is on fire. ❤️‍🔥Seems like whether it’s at work, at play, or just life, you’re crushing it.

Cheers to another candle on the cake, and another year closer to ruling the world — or at least Wodonga.🤴

Happy birthday, Sammy 🥳

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