Happy Birthday, Ryan

Today is the Friday-est Monday ever, cos we’re celebrating Ryan Lynch’s birthday 🎉🍾.

Which was yesterday. Confused? We’re fresh from an @sxswsydney, so bear with us 😶‍🌫️.

The internet is both broken and ablaze with talk of an iterate and @atlassian collab since Ryan’s brief yet artful banter with Scott Farquhar. We are unwilling to confirm nor deny this piping hot tea ☕️🔥.

In other goss, 17th century samurais are getting nervous ⚔️. Ryan’s mid-length tresses look set to premiere iterate man-bun 2.0, and if we know Ryan, he’ll approach the look with unrivalled execution and rewrite hair history.

We’re talking about a guy who planned a US/Disneyland trip with the precision of a daring jewel heist 🏰💎. Over-the-top meticulous? Heck yes, but only in the best way. Big client projects are his playground – no detail missed, no sweat shown, just masterful delivery .

At team iterate we see Ryan as the man with the plan who isn’t afraid to throw in the unexpected, fun-filled, plot twist 🌀🎢. And an undeniably pivotal force that keeps us thriving and vibing.

To the man who makes every Monday feel like a Friday, happy birthday, Lynchy! 🥳🎈