Happy 40th Michael

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Hear that?

That was the door closing on Michael Boyd’s 30s. 🚪💨

Yes, the big 4-0 is here, and we gotta say — it fits him like a custom suit. Underneath all that fine tailoring is a heart of gold and generosity that could power a small country. It’s not just the occasional grand gesture, it’s the countless little things he does that make him loved by so many. The result? A friendship circle to rival a celebrity entourage.📸

Boydie, as you step into a new decade, you do so with 2 hilarious kids in tow and a top-tier wifey by your side (@kykys, you know it). Together, you’re a force to be reckoned with.⚡️

But don’t forget about the rest of your iterate fam. We see you, and all the incredible achievements you’ve racked up along the way. You’ve proved success isn’t handed out, it’s earned — one late night, bold move and burger at a time. 🌚🧗🍔

Happy 40th! Cheers to more bold moves and wacky costumes in the years ahead.

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