We’re only as good as our values.


Michael Boyd·Director & Principal 1 min read·November 20, 2022

Get it done.

There are many clever hacks to be productive as a Recruiter.

For instance, you could deprive yourself of everyday comforts such as food, water and toilet breaks until those meetings, phone calls and emails have been handled. 🚫🚽

Or here’s a good one: when a client deadline for that shortlist of candidates is looming and your chest is tight, try securing a shock collar around your neck. One designed to deliver a nasty jolt at the precise moment your brain deviates from the work you should be doing. 😵💥

For us, though, we look to our 👉GET IT DONE👈 value. It reminds us that team iterate is unified in our pursuit to create meaningful change for our candidates and client organisations. Their success? It’s our success too, so we aim high for them. We make a habit out of bold, decisive action and tackle challenges without delay. Oh, and the best bit – toilet breaks aplenty and zero self-torment. 😌✌️