Event wrap: Programmable 2024

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Phew, what a day fam! 

Programmable 2024 was one helluva conference. 🥳🎉

First, let’s hear it for Duncan Banks and his crew—impeccable organization, immaculate vibes. 👏👏👏 The event brought a gender diverse turnout of Melbourne’s best and brightest. That’s what it’s all about.

Those speakers absolutely crushed it across the board. We were treated to a buffet of forward-thinking topics like cloud resilience, future of QA, password security, JavaScript refactoring, machine learning—all the goods. 💡💭

Obviously, the equal main event was the iterate booth. (Biased? Who, us? 🤭) Yes, our skill-tester challenge had prize-hungry folks lining up for days, desperate to prove their skills. And we’ve got to hand it to IAG whose beer pong setup was brilliant. Bring some actual beer next year Timothy Moore, and we’ll have a competition on our hands. 🍻😉

More than anything though, it was an absolute treat connecting with our amazing community again. You know who you are—friends, new and old. Pals from BupaAGLBelong; sponsor crews at Ippon AustraliaAtlassianREA Group, and more.

And, finally, a huge shoutout to our organisational icon Tatiana Ashby who busted her butt to make our presence such a triumph. Bless you, queen. 👑🙌

All in all, this event was a huge win for Melbourne’s software engineering community. The countdown to going even bigger in 2025? It starts now. 🚀✨