Event wrap: DesignOps

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The design community’s straight-up THRIVING this week, courtesy of Design Outlook 🎉👏

Open houses and sessions on sessions, the festivities have been non-stop. And last night’s @designops_lol meet-up? The perfect cherry on top. 🍒💫 Here’s how it went…

Matthew Blode was first to take the stage. @fingertip.global might be just getting started, but they’re already making waves from their HQ right here in Melbourne. Matt gave us the lowdown on their mission to help anyone, anywhere, create stunning digital pages for free. We’re talking mini websites, digital business cards, link in bios—you name it. An all-in-one toolbox for your digital essentials, anyone? 🙋

Then Zoe Jazz wove the epic tale of Atticus’s origin story and their skyrocketing success. 📈🚀 The product? An AI-powered legal doc verification tool. No fake news on their watch—it’s like a lie detector for legal docs, ensuring that the info in your ASX reports and sustainability statements is legit. But Zoe didn’t stop there. She’s got serious design chops, and we were lucky enough to get a peek behind the curtain of her design philosophy and process. 🪟👀

Plus, Atticus is hiring! Design and ML Engineer roles up for grabs. DM them if you’re ready to join the revolution. 📩