Event wrap: DesignOps meet-up

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Talk about a most excellent meet-up!

Living up to their rep, the DesignOps LOL crowd brought the heat last night. 🥵

First up, Bare Brand Strat Founder Richie Meldrum laid out simplified brand strategy that even his ol’ schoolmate nemesis Peter Crouch 👟⚽️ could get jiggy with. No gratuitous attempts at complexity here.

Then Matt Perrott dropped 💫 major startup wisdom 💫 after walking us through the gnarly journey of building BuildPass. We felt those highs, we felt those lows—what a wild ride.

But let’s be real, you all matched the main acts’ energy beat for beat. And not a single snooze-fest status quo dampened that mosh. 🎶💃🕺

Serious props to Sam BowringCh’an Armstrong and Propel Ventures for churning out yet another epic meeting of the minds. 🙇🙏

Stay tuned for deets on our next locally legendary rager. (If you missed this one, counselling services are available: 📲 call 1800-FOMO.)