We’re only as good as our values.


Michael Boyd·Director & Principal 1 min read·November 20, 2022

Do the right thing.

People are messy. Each of us view life through a different filter, with contrasting biases and our own unique recipe of brain chemicals. 🃏

No doubt, Recruitment is one of the most people-centric professions there is, so we never leave home without all our hats: Career Advisor, Counsellor, Detective, Cheerleader, even Naggy Parent comes in handy sometimes (“why aren’t you answering your phone?!”). 🎩

There’s also a lot of pressure to produce results and plenty of opportunities to demonstrate the type of Recruiters we’ve chosen to be. How? By the decisions we make. ♟

When we follow our company value, DO THE RIGHT THING, the answer doesn’t always lead us down the easiest path, but it does steer us away from choices based on self-preservation. ⚠️

For us, doing what is right is more than a belief – it’s instinctual. Openness, transparency and integrity are ingrained in the way we work, and it’s why our clients and candidates come back again and again. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️