DesignOps x Design Outlook 24 meet-up tonight!

Two design powerhouses, DesignOps LOL and Design Outlook, are colliding for a synapse-sizzling meet-up 🧠⚡️

This might be the most highly anticipated collab of the year. (Yeah, Apple and ChatGPT. We said what we said 😏)

So, if you can pocket one of the last few spots, come with us. Unshackle yourself from the daily grind and enter this Design Biosphere 🌿🔬 But mind your step—paradigms will be shattered.

Grab a slice 🍕, have a mingle, make a friend, then park your tush because you’re about to explore the intersection of sustainability, technology, and creativity with these must-see speakers:

🎙️ Matthew Blode CTO & Co-founder @ Fingertip.com

🎙️ Zoe Jazz Principal Designer @ Atticus Creating a loveable automation (minus the hype)

Rife with mind-bending discussions and workshops, this closed ecological system is a 100% guaranteed lightning bolt to your brain. But don’t take our word for it, RSVP at the link below 🔗 and see for yourself.

🌙 TONIGHT 18 Jun from 6-8pm

📍 Propel Ventures: 7 Hill St, Cremorne

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