Client Trivia Night

Drop your knowledge like it’s hot.

Calling all History Honchos, General Knowledge Geniuses, and Pop Culture Pundits
We’re in the business of building dream teams. However, for or our next client event, we’re asking you to build the trivia team of your dreams and put your collective brainpower to the test.

Big LOL energy
Hosted by ringmaster of laughter, Ben Sorenson, this knowledge showdown will be served with drink-spitting punchlines and Grade-A banter. With Ben in charge of curating the trivia questions, it’s safe to say we’re in for some wonderfully wacky themes.

Prizes, prizes, prizes
What’s a trivia night without some sweet loot, right? We’ve got crowd-pleasing prizes waiting to be claimed by the mightiest minds in the room.

Clients, mark your calendar!
🗓 Thu 27 July – 5.30pm start, 7pm trivia kick-off
📍 Longsong – Upstairs, 44 Little Bourke St, Melbourne