4 years with Kyla

A very 😊happy😊 Friday

Today we celebrate 4 years of the magic that is Kyla Boyd.

When she’s not walking into a room with style icon energy, or hosting dance parties and dress-ups at home with her kids, you’ll find her at iterate. And, folks, our “Get It Done” value has met its match with this super mum. Packing a week’s work into 3 days, Kyla’s productivity is legendary.🦾

She cares about the person behind the CV. She puts the idea of a traditional career path in the bin. As our Tech Leading Ladies representative, she believes in a more gender diverse and inclusive tech space.

This e-commerce queen has her finger on the pulse of online fashion and can plan a holiday like nobody’s business. Wit sharper than a set of steak knives, Kyla knows how to keep a group chat spicy. Celebrating something special? She won’t forget the perfect gift. 💝

There’s a whole lot more to know about Kyla, but we think you get the gist: we adore the heck outta her.

Happy 4 years KB, and cheers to many, many more. 🎉

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